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Development of new areas of business

Ensuring the growth of your company
The development of new areas of business is a strategic task and is indispensable for the long-term growth of your company – particularly if your markets are saturated and your competitive advantage has been lost.

You often receive the best business ideas for marketable products and services from your clients, suppliers and employees. New areas of business also originate through radical innovations, or are discovered in the context of strategy development. Furthermore, the dividing up of an area of business may be justified where this is growing fast, allowing the individual areas to focus upon their core competences and allotted customer segments.

How can MAK support you?
MAK supports you in all phases – from analysis and design to completion and implementation, and with periodic monitoring and adaptation.

To be specific, MAK offers the following services in these areas, which may be tailored to your requirements in a modular format:

  • Conducting workshops on the theme of "cross-functional development", according to your requirements
  • Review (second opinion) of your strategy for areas of business (including strategy conformity check) and demonstrating well-founded options for action
  • Design and execution of your new area of business as required (including preparation and moderation of workshops)
  • Support for the sustainable integration of your new areas of business into the existing activity, by including the staff involved
  • Analysis of the company status and support in change management (removing resistance)
  • Conducting audits for the continuous further development and optimisation of your area of business

Possible support by MAK:

  • Project management
  • Support / coaching of your internal project team
  • Cooperation / support in your internal project team
  • Support by our specialists to complement your internal project team

We offer these types of cooperation in conjunction with the complete execution of a project as well as supporting individual project phases.

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