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Periodic risk monitoring

Effectiveness of your risk management
Your sustainable and integrated risk management has the objective of positively changing the risk situation, or achieving a balanced relationship between return and risk of loss.
Periodic risk monitoring is therefore very important because risks and opportunities change over time. If such changes are not taken into account by company management, there is the danger that success, or even the very existence of your company, will be harmed in the short and long-term.

The following image depicts the company management loop according to MAK. It is evident from this that risk management guidelines (risk policy, risk measures, etc.) represent a major fundamental for targeted company management. In order for these guidelines to be implemented sustainably, and to take account of current conditions, risk management must be periodically monitored, and this includes assessing targeted key performance indicators, which result from value creation processes.

Image: Feedback loop for company management according to MAK

How can MAK support you?
MAK supports you in all phases – from analysis, design and implementation to continuous improvement of your periodic risk monitoring.

To be specific, MAK offers the following services in these areas, which may be tailored to your requirements in a modular format:

  • Conducting introductory workshops on the theme of "periodic risk monitoring", according to your requirements, and practice workshops for the sustainable handling of risks
  • Review (second opinion) of your existing risk management or your periodic risk monitoring with qualified recommendations and possible measures
  • Design and execution of a periodic risk assessment tailored to your company (including preparation and moderation of workshops)
  • Support in the evaluation and procurement of a IT-assisted solution according to your requirements
  • Support in the sustainable implementation of a risk assessment tailored to your requirements, which includes the employees involved
  • Analysis of the company status and support in change management (removing resistance)
  • Monitoring of the effectiveness of your existing risk management using risk events that have occurred, as well as re-evaluation of the risk situation of your company (including preparation and moderation of workshops)
  • Conducting audits for the continuous adaptation of the risk strategy and objectives as well as measures to control risk

Possible support by MAK:

  • Project management
  • Support / coaching of your internal project team
  • Cooperation / support in your internal project team
  • Support by our specialists to complement your internal project team

We offer these types of cooperation in conjunction with the complete execution of a project as well as supporting individual project phases.

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