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Organisational development

Developing and implementing a forward-looking organisational structure
The arrangement of your organisation is relevant for the manageability of your company, and is therefore of fundamental importance for flexibility in the operational control of your value creation processes. By adapting the organisation of your strategy you can pursue and achieve your company objectives efficiently.

Your aim is to shorten the business process via optimum organisation and to define the areas of management adapted to the company relationships. MAK takes account of the company-wide areas of service and the relevant responsibilities and competences. The organisational culture experienced is also of considerable importance. In developing your organisation, company policy considerations, informal processes and interpersonal aspects must all be taken into account.

In the current business world market conditions and the requirements of stakeholders change quickly. This requires regular adaptations of the strategic orientation. It is therefore necessary to periodically monitor organisation within your company with regard to strategic conformity. In this way the ongoing efficiency, flexibility and manageability of your company can be sustainably guaranteed.

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How can MAK support you?
MAK supports you in all phases – from analysis and design to completion and implementation, and with periodic monitoring and adaptation.

To be specific, MAK offers the following services in these areas, which may be tailored to your requirements in a modular format:

  • Introductory workshops in the field of organisational development according to your requirements
  • Review (second opinion) of your existing organisation with well-founded recommendations and possible measures
  • Development of your organisation as required (including preparation and moderation of workshops)
  • Development of decision-making fundaments for evaluating alternative organisational scenarios
  • Definition of measures for sustainable implementation of your adapted organisational structure
  • Analysis of the company status and support in change management (removing resistance)
  • Conducting audits for the periodic evaluation and adaptation of your organisation

Possible support by MAK:

  • Project management
  • Support / coaching of your internal project team
  • Cooperation / support in your internal project team
  • Support by our specialists to complement your internal project team

We offer these types of cooperation in conjunction with the complete execution of a project as well as supporting individual project phases.

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