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Process management

Presenting value creation processes transparently and optimising them
One of the decisive factors for achieving high value creation is the consistent monitoring of service processes with regard to deadlines, quality and costs. Efficient processes are therefore the elementary basis of your margins.

Process management
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Through the presentation of your company-relevant processes and via sustainable process optimisations, you can have a targeted influence upon your value creation.

Process management embodies various activities, which may be divided up into three areas:

Definition, development and documentation of your processes
A clear and comprehensible presentation of your processes is required for your employees to work according to uniform processes. The manageability of your value creation processes is the result of clear process structures. You can thereby make your market services more targeted and efficient.

Process analysis and optimisation
Strategic company and divisional objectives must periodically be adapted to the current market circumstances. Optimisation of the processes is also required for you to be able to achieve these objectives more efficiently. Informal habits in day-to-day work change the actual processes. External influences can also interrupt a targeted and efficient process flow. It is often difficult to continuously identify and integrate these processes. Therefore, optimisation potential lies idle for most company processes.

Thanks to a cross-functional and comprehensive analysis, you can identify aberrations, sub-optimal interfaces and double-tracking to optimise your processes. Again, this increases the effectiveness of your processes and thus your value creation.

Checking and controlling the processes
Where there is high cost pressure and/or low margins, you have to design your processes to be as streamlined and efficient as possible. With the targeted and continuous monitoring of quality, costs and time for each process stage, you gain an instrument for optimising your efficiency. You can therefore analyse the individual processes in detail, gain better cost transparency and define and implement optimisation measures on this basis.

Fact Sheet: Read more about our audit service for process management

Fact Sheet: Read more about our process management service

How can MAK support you?
MAK supports you in all phases – from analysis and design to completion and implementation, to continuous improvement of your processes.

To be specific, MAK offers the following services in these areas, which may be tailored to your requirements in a modular format:

  • Introductory workshops in the field of process management according to your requirements
  • Organisation and moderation of workshops for developing your processes
  • Documentation of the processes in the detail defined by you and in the desired format
  • Process reviews with qualified recommendations and possible measures for optimising processes
  • Developing indices of key performance indicators and designing a reporting and controlling system for monitoring and controlling your processes (including preparation and moderation of workshops)
  • Design and execution of your process-assisted cost calculations as required
  • Support in the evaluation and procurement of a IT-assisted solution according to your requirements
  • Assistance in introducing and establishing your processes to ensure process- orientated handling beyond process approval
  • Analysis of the company status and support in change management (removing resistance)
  • Ongoing adaptation and maintenance of your processes (ref. "process maintenance" service)

Possible support by MAK:

  • Project management
  • Support / coaching of your internal project team
  • Cooperation / support in your internal project team
  • Support by our specialists to complement your internal project team

We offer these types of cooperation in conjunction with the complete execution of a project as well as supporting individual project phases.

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