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Risk management

Improving risk awareness for your company
Today, effective and efficient risk management as well as the presence of risk awareness are indispensable as success factors for companies. With integrated risk management, MAK endeavours to deal with risks and opportunities systematically. Our approach monitors your company as an overall unit with regard to risks and opportunities that are relevant to the company.
A jointly developed solution ensures that you not only act strategically in the future but are also adapted to risk. An integrated risk management solution also strengthens the trust of your investors, lowers risk-related costs, creates transparency about the risk situation of your company and thereby sustainably increases your company value.

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How can MAK support you?
MAK supports you in all phases – from analysis and design, execution and implementation, to continuous improvement of your integrated risk management.

To be specific, MAK offers the following services in these areas, which may be tailored to your requirements in a modular format:

  • Conducting introductory workshops on the theme of "risk management", according to your requirements, and practice workshops for the sustainable handling of risks
  • Review (second opinion) of your existing risk management with well-founded recommendations and possible measures
  • Design and execution of integrated risk management according to your requirements (including preparation and moderation of workshops)
  • Definition of early warning indicators and reporting on regular risk monitoring
  • Support in the evaluation and procurement of a IT-assisted solution according to your requirements
  • Support in the sustainable implementation of integrated risk management, to include employees involved (incorporating preparation and conducting training)
  • Analysis of the company status and support in change management (removing resistance)
  • Periodic risk monitoring (risk assessments) to evaluate the current risk situation and the effectiveness of measures by way of critical incidents which have arisen (ref. "periodic risk monitoring" service)

Possible support by MAK:

  • Project management
  • Support / coaching of your internal project team
  • Cooperation / support in your internal project team
  • Support by our specialists to complement your internal project team

We offer these types of cooperation in conjunction with the complete execution of a project as well as supporting individual project phases.

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